Ask about TMJ Therapy in Red Deer

You hear grating sounds when you open your mouth. You have trouble chewing. Your face feels tired, and you can’t remember the last time your head wasn’t throbbing. Any of these symptoms would cause concern on its own, but you might not be sure what the combination adds up to.

Find out at Clearview Market Dental Care. These signs may point to a problem with your jaw joint, and our team offers TMJ therapy in Red Deer to ease the pain.

Symptoms to Watch For

Your temporomandibular joint (or TMJ) connects your lower jaw to your skull. Dentists are unclear about what causes disorders related to this joint, known as TMD. However, you can identify such a disorder with symptoms like:

  • Pain in your neck, shoulders, ears, or jaw joints
  • Hearing loss or ringing in your ears
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep
  • Clicking or grating sounds around your jaw when you open or close your mouth
  • Chronic feeling of tiredness, especially in your face
  • Continuing headaches above your eyes or at your temples
  • Difficulty with chewing or inability to open your mouth wide
  • Jaw that feels locked in an open or closed position
  • Swelling on one or both sides of your face

Although these symptoms can indicate a problem with your jaw, they don’t prove that you have TMD. See our dentists at Clearview Market Dental Care for a proper diagnosis.

Therapy Options According to Your Situation

After an examination, we will organize a treatment plan based on your symptoms and concerns. If you need treatment beyond the scope of our field, we can recommend our partners, including chiropractors, craniomandibular specialists, physiotherapists, and massage therapists. Let us use our experience to relieve your symptoms.

Diagnose Your Symptoms and Get Started with Treatment

It all starts with a visit to our office. If you feel pain around your jaw, schedule an appointment with Clearview Market Dental Care and learn more about TMJ therapy in Red Deer. We have evening and weekend hours to accommodate you sooner rather than later.

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